How to Deal Homesickness

How to Deal Homesickness When Studying Abroad?


It is natural to feel homesick when you move abroad to study no matter how excited you are and how much you dreamt of this moment. Leaving your home, town, family, friends, and country is a big transition, and if you have no family member or friend to support you in the new place, it can become even tougher.  For a lot of people, going abroad to study is the first time that they are leaving their families, and getting used to it can take a lot of time and effort. Homesickness is caused by the inability to be with your loved ones, to be able to sleep in your bed and eat home cooked food surrounding by everything you love.

It can be difficult to go through the feeling of homesickness and depression when you are expected to be happy and jubilant on your lucky stars. It is important to understand that homesickness is just a temporary feeling, and it does not require treatment; instead, it needs a distraction and something to do that will take your mind off from things you are missing to start feeling better. This article by a dissertation writing service discusses some tips that will help you deal with homesickness in the most effective manner and start feeling better within a short time.

Set A Routine:

Having a proper routine will make you feel positive and motivated instead of feeling sad and depressed all the time.  Develop a plan that includes cleaning your room, going for a walk, going to the library for study, and making yourself something good to eat. These activities will give you something to look forward to, and you will feel more energized and motivated. You will have something creative to do that occupies your time, and you will feel less homesick.

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Find Activities That Make You Happy!

There are so many things that can help you get rid of depression and sadness and make you feel light and a part of a group. Seek memberships of groups, libraries or start playing a new sport, go for window shopping or sightseeing as you are in a new place and there will be hundreds of things for you to see and do. Visit museums, try out some new restaurants or take up some new hobbies like reading or painting to keep yourself occupied during the free time when you feel homesick. Getting out and being social is the best way to stop thinking about home and enjoying yourself.

Decorate Your Room:

Make your room feel like a home away from home. Your room is the place where you can be yourself, feel comfortable, and relax just the way you want. You can decorate your room with things like cushions, plants, or photos of happy memories with family so that it becomes more personal and give a homey feeling. You can also bring in some stuff to keep with you, and it will feel more like your old room at home as there are so many things that make you feel connected, such as your favorite teddy bear, family photos, and even a blanket. This way, whenever you come from outside, you will get a feeling of coming home, and it will help you feel less sad.

Leave The Room More Often!

While staying in the room you tried to make like your home seems like a good idea, it can make you feel worse and increase homesickness.  Make sure to leave the room more often, go out and make new friends, get involved in university clubs and unions, plan some social activities and outings and keep yourself busy with seeing new things, and it will help you feel better. When you have nothing to do, you think about things that matter most or disturb you, and you will start feeling homesick, which will make it very tough to focus on the studies and spend time studying abroad.

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Keep In Touch With Family But Avoid Overdoing It:

Keeping in touch with home, family, and friends is a great idea, and it will help to fill in the gap that is disturbing you so much. However, this does not mean that you talk to them day and night; in doing so, you will not only end up affecting your study routine but also feel more homesick, and the distance will feel even greater.  Talk to them regularly but do not overdo it as you have moved abroad to study, and you must focus on it so that you can go back with a degree successfully. With these tips, you can look forward to dealing with homesickness most effectively and focus on your studies; without wanting to leave everything and rush back home.