How To Write Travel Essay

How To Write Travel Essay That May Be More Engaging


Travelling is an amazing experience in itself. We learn a lot while travelling. This is the reason people travel when they want to relax or take a break. Writing travel essays are exciting and difficult at the same time. Your teacher may assign you to write a particular travel essay. But sometimes you take a trip just to collect information about your essay. Writing both kinds of travel essays is not much different. You will need to follow the same tips and tricks to write any type of travel essay. Top essay writing services UK will tell you here how to write a more engaging travel essay:

Go To Your Favorite Place:

If you are allowed to travel for collecting information then you must choose your favorite place. You should do the complete research before embarking on q journey. It may include finding a suitable hotel, tourist spots, and food. All these things play a huge role on a good trip. Remember that a good trip leads to a good travel essay. If you had a bad experience while traveling you cannot write a great travel essay.

Cover More Tourist Spots:

When you are flying to your favorite place for a trip you want to cover more destinations. It is understandably so. If you will go to more tourist spots you will have more stories to tell. Some people are comfortable exploring a few destinations in more time. You should find what works best for you. But covering more tourist spots is always exciting. You cannot go to one place again and again so this is the least you would want.

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Have A Clear Storyline:

When you start writing a travel essay the most important thing is its storyline. If you do not have a clear storyline your essay will be bland. You will have a lot of things to tell me about your trip. But you should decide which is most interesting to tell. Arriving at the airport or coming back home is not that exciting. It will not grab the reader’s attention until there is a really interesting story behind it. You do not need to tell things in the order it happened. Choose what will come first and last. Your storyline should be crisp if you want to write an engaging travel essay.

Write Compelling First Paragraph:

Your first paragraph will tell if your essay is worth reading or not. Make it as interesting as possible. You do not need to write that you arrived at the airport in the first paragraph. Always start with an interesting line or story. Create suspense. It will compel your reader to read the whole essay. Just do not start telling where you went first or last. You can incorporate drama, horror, or humor in your writing. Just do not give the details of the place you visited. Write emotionally and draw a connection with it. Take your reader on a trip with you while they are writing. They feel the connection with the words you have written. If you have succeeded in writing an interesting first paragraph then you are good to go.

Use Pictures:

Do not rely on words merely. Attach pictures with the story. It will make your essay more engaging. After attaching the images write captions with it. Your reader should know what they are reading and seeing. Many people just depend on telling. They write only words in their travel essay. Some people show the same using photographs with writing. You can use either technique. But you should go with the one you are most comfortable with. But do not attach a lot of pictures. Pictures should not overshadow your writing in any way. Remember that essay is all about your writing abilities, not just photographs.

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Write A Memorable Ending:

Some moments may be very important to you. This is not necessary that they will be of interest to your reader too. Remember you are writing an essay for the reader not for yourself. But this should not conceal your true self. A fair balance of yours and the reader’s interest is important. Write a good ending. You do not always need to end how tired you were when you returned home. Your ending should be connected to your starting paragraph. Plan your end before writing. Never ignore the last paragraph as it will conclude your essay.

Edit Your Essay:

You should never submit the first draft of your essay. Always proofread it before submitting it. You can ask your friend or relative to do it for you. It will help you to avoid grammar and spelling mistakes. But always reread it yourself for once. You can also use online tools for this cause.