Content Development

Online Platforms New Writers Can Use for Content Development


Have you just started content writing, and are worried about the aspect of content development? Don’t worry; as there are tons of platforms available to serve you in this aspect. For new writers, content development often seems like rocket science. But this is not the case in reality. Content development is easy if you can make use of associative platforms in the right way.

In this article by experts of PhD dissertation writing services, I will highlight some online platforms for content development. These platforms will help you in better aligning your content according to the needs.

Some Common Online Content Development Platforms


The online platform Listverse is an ideal option for developing a variety of content. These include the following examples;

  • Entertainment
  • Society
  • Science
  • Public awareness
  • Daily life hacks, and many more.

Listverse serves a variety of niches. This is a key advantage of said platform since it can aid through different domains. Your blog choice may vary from creepy articles to mysterious stories. For Content development, Listverse demands the following things;

  • Your content requirements, especially in the form of a list.
  • The list must consist of at least ten items.
  • The list must consist of original, and plagiarism free content.
  • At Listverse, you also need to give legit references of the most suitable articles.

Are you wondering what makes Listverse special? The answer is that here you’ll never need a professional write-up for publishing your article. Further, at Listverse, you can publish your article with ease. Still, due to its popularity here, you attract millions of visitors to read your content. Moreover, after continuous publishing, you can add your name to the list of staff writers. In this way, you can also start earning through the Listverse platform.


WordPress is another important content development online platform. It is among the most famous platforms due to its user-friendly interface. In general aspects, people know WordPress as a web developing tool only. But few people know that you can also use it for making your blog website. If a common word ‘how’ is roaming in your mind, the following steps will provide your answer;

Steps to Create Chapters by using WordPress

  • Select a new page from the option ‘pages’, then add Index.
  • Again, repeat the above step, and click add ‘chapters’.
  • On the homepage setting, select the ‘customizer’ option. Here you should further select ‘A static page option.’
  • After this, go for Post page option to set the chapter layout.
  • Now you can call the content your chapter 1 after creating the new post from ‘Blog Post’. You can follow these steps for producing the chapters of your book.

Further, you can add images, as well as videos on the WordPress site. It will help you in creating engaging content for your audience.


Like WordPress, Blogger is also a famous online platform for content development. Even a new writer can use this platform for creating blogs. Google provides free online blogging services by the ‘blogger’. Pray Labs launched Blogger for the first time in 1999. So it is among the oldest content development platforms.

Further, at Blogger, by having a google account, you can create a blog anytime. The most frequent question is, what makes Blogger a good content development platform? The following features will sum up the answer to this question;

  1. Blogger is easy to use
  2. You can get benefit from Blogger without having any technical skills.
  3. Google’s robust, and secure platform gains the trust of its users.
  4. Blogger is free. Hence, by using the link (, you can log in anytime to give your content a professional touch.


Are you looking for a free second generation online content development tool? If your answer is yes, please search for Medium. It’s a fairly good writing partner. But what makes Medium so popular? There’ no doubt that its content management system is one of the reasons for its popularity. The exciting features of ‘Medium’ ensure that you’ll come back after posting the first blog. Hence, to do this, Medium offers the following features;

  • Password free login
  • Easy to use CMS
  • Easy to learn analytics
  • Large active readership
  • Enhancement of the earning facilities
  • Inexpensive membership ($5 per month) with frequent tips
  • Availability of Import tool (to import your data from source)

Apart from these features, Medium offers a large building audience. Hence, in content development aspects, Medium is an emerging tool. You can generate good traffic on this online platform as well. But along with many benefits, it has some disadvantages too. Like, after publishing your content on Medium, you will lose control over it. So keeping these aspects in mind, select the option that best facilitates your needs.