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5 Things That Can Make You Stuck in Writing Dissertation


Writing a dissertation is no easy job and most of the students when assigned dissertation writing tasks face several issues that make it tough for them to achieve desired results easily. Due to their hectic schedules, academic and family pressure as well as inability to multitask, students are unable to manage things right and they get stuck on their projects which becomes a big problem for them as the deadline approaches. They do not know what to do or how to handle this highly complex and researched task, especially if they are doing it for the first time and are even unable to see what is causing this block. This article by top dissertation writing services brings to light 5 important things that often become the reason students get stuck with their dissertation assignments.

Insufficient Time To Work:

This is one of the biggest issues that almost all students face. They are so busy in their academic life that making time to write a dissertation becomes very tough for them and they get stuck at a point when they have too much to do and no time to manage things.  Due to insufficient time, they are unable to research comprehensively and find out detailed facts and information on the given topic, and even if they start with the writing part, they get stuck because they do not know what to do. A dissertation is no small project; it can take weeks and months to complete as it requires a lot of research and effort but due to little or no time to focus, students are unable to do a good job on it.

Lack Of Knowledge To Do Things Right:

Lack of knowledge is the biggest hurdle for students. When they will not know what to do and how they cannot be expected to do a good job. Due to lack of interest or lack of time, students do not make an effort to know what the teacher is telling them about the assignment. Many students take this task to be an easy one that they would be able to do but they are wrong as this a highly researched and complicated task that needs proper attention and students must know what they are required to do to complete their dissertation most efficiently.

Not Being Able To Answer The Research Questions:

Students get stuck while working on their dissertations when they are unable to answer the research questions. A dissertation is all about research and investigation and if they are unable to answer the research question correctly, the purpose of the task is lost. Students often take the research aspect lightly and this is the main reason they get stuck in their dissertation because when they have nothing to write about, how would they complete the paper. Students must understand the significance of answering the research questions most efficiently as their entire dissertation rests on how well they address these questions and present the research findings.

Inability To Understand The Teachers’ Guidelines:

Due to lack of time as well as lack of attention as to what is going on in the class, many students end up missing what the teacher is telling them about the dissertation writing task and this lands them in trouble. They believe that they will be able to read the guidelines on their own or understand how the dissertation should be planned and written but they are wrong, especially if they are writing it for the first time. When they are unable to understand the guidelines being provided by the teacher, they end up missing significant details and get stuck when working on the dissertation as they have no idea how to proceed in the right direction.

Too Much Pressure To Perform Well:

Students are under immense pressure to perform well; their teachers, family members, and friends also expect them to do great and secure their undergraduate or graduate degree with distinction and this often creates trouble for students. With so much pressure from every side, students feel so stressed that instead of doing well, they end up getting stuck and are unable to do right. Along with the abovementioned factors, many other things make it tough for students to handle their dissertation writing tasks in the most efficient manner. It is up to the students to keep their eyes open and pay attention to what the teacher is saying and seek help if they find themselves unable to work on their dissertation the right way.