Samsung foldable mobile phones

When Samsung is Going to Release Second Generation Foldable Mobile?


Samsung has launched its first foldable phone on September 6, 2019, in South Korea. After seeing a positive response of customers, Samsung is deciding to release second-generation foldable mobile. It is expected that Samsung will launch the second-generation foldable mobile early in the next year. The main specification of these second-generation foldable mobile phones will be such that users can easily fold these mobiles in a square. It is expected that second-generation foldable mobile phones will be more affordable for users than original Samsung Galaxy foldable mobile phone.

As we have discussed earlier that Samsung has recently launched its first-generation foldable mobile phone after a delay of some months. Due to this delay, customers have to wait for few months. The main cause of this delay was that there were some flaws in their display and they were fixing these flaws because Samsung doesn’t like to provide any kind of defective material to their customers. When these mobile phones came into the market, these foldable mobile phones are liked by customers all around the world and these customers have also kicked Samsung to launch second-generation foldable mobile phones. That’s why Samsung has decided to launch second-generation foldable mobile phones in the early months of the next year.

Samsung foldable mobile phones 1According to the report of Bloomberg, Samsung has worked on second-generation foldable mobile phones. According to this report, it is expected that Samsung will launch such second-generation foldable mobile phones that have the ability to fold in the form of a square. In second-generation foldable mobile phones, they will also ensure the main display of at least 6.7 inches. Another main feature of these foldable phones will also be such that these foldable mobile phones will fold inward instead of outward.

According to an expert of a dissertation writing service, Samsung is going to launch second-generation foldable mobile phones by collaborating with an American designer Thom Browne. There is a possibility that they will keep a punch-hole inside its display. This punch-hole will be kept for selfie camera. On the outer cover of this mobile, there will also be two additional cameras. Till now, they have not discussed the outside display of second-generation mobile phones but it is expected that there will be two rear-facing cameras on the outer display of these mobile phones. It means that after folding the mobile phones, the users will be able to use its primary camera. On the other hand, another camera will be used when they unfold the mobile phone.

Samsung is also making some tests for the creation of second-generation foldable mobile phones. For this reason, their expert designers are testing ultra-thin bendable glass. There is a possibility that they will use this ultra-thin bendable glass in second-generation foldable mobile phones. The company is also working on the durability of their foldable devices. They are also thinking about all the situations that can become a failure for their original Galaxy foldable mobile phones. It is expected that in these second-generation mobile phones, Samsung will use an operating system of Android 9.0, 12GB RAM and 4380mAh battery. According to reports, the footprints of upcoming foldable mobile phones will also be smaller.